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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the second half of second term begins


11 September, the second day of the second term begins, which would be my last few days in the land of Kiwi. Now the challenges are the real challenge, and the real test is here now. Struggles for the final year approaching to the end, and my final examination is just few months from now. 

Graduation application has been made, and without passing all papers, the application will not confirmed. Assignments, tests, laboratories, reports and quiz left need to be passed with high satisfaction results to get a very great carry (internal) marks. 2 of the papers would be 40% and another one is 60%. 2 of them is my last 2-hours papers and the 60% is the 3-hours papers. 

All efforts and prays is now approaching the end of my student life, all I hope is bless from Allah. Even though I pass or not, everything is God's hand, insyaAllah everything will be okay.

Susah betul mengarang dalam English ni. haha.

25 Ogos 2012 - First time jadi official wedding photographer. Kakak la suruh. cuak betul. haha. Alhamdulillah finally all done. Siap snap gambar, edit, then pilih, then project album, frame dan lastly susun smua kasi cun. Photo bawah ni one of the result.

Sempat jugak buat satu video pendek, just a preview.

Dan skit je sempat upload kat flickr, photo album wedding =)


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